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伴随着恢宏的主题曲《STAR WARS》,一段字幕“很久以前,在一个遥远的银河系……”出现。《星球大战8:最后的绝地武士》于今年1月5日在全国各大院线上映,这部2018开年以来的第一部进入内地的好莱坞巨制可以说承载了无数星战迷的期望,而长达152分钟的片长更是在告诉全世界,《星战8》所包含的内容绝对是史无前例的。


With the grand theme song "STAR WARS", a subtitle "long ago, in a distant galaxy..." Appear。 "Star Wars: Episode 8: the last of the Jedi" in major theaters nationwide in January 5th this year, the 2018 since the start of the first to enter the mainland Hollywood blockbuster that carrying countless fans expectations, while the 152 minute film is telling the world that "star 8" content is the There was no parallel in history.


  如今《星战8》已经上映了4天,那么大家在看过这部电影后,对它的表现是否满意呢?Now "Star Wars 8" has been shown for 4 days, so did everyone be satisfied with the film after watching it?

  如果从一些收集评价的权威网站来看,《星战8》目前在烂番茄的媒体新鲜度为90%,平均分为8.1,不过观众评分的新鲜度却仅为50%,平均分为3分(总分5分),爆米花桶子已经翻了,这几乎完美展示了什么叫“两极分化”的评价。而在metacritic上,《星战8》的评价也呈现出相同的情况,媒体均为为8.5,而一旁的观众均分则为4.6。If from the authoritative website collection evaluation, "star 8" at rotten tomatoes freshness media was 90%, the average score was 8.1, but the audience rating of freshness is only 50%, the average score of 3 points (out of 5), popcorn bucket has doubled, the almost perfect show what is called the "polarization" of the evaluation. On Metacritic, the evaluation of Star Wars 8 also showed the same situation, the media was 8.5, and the spectators at the side were 4.6.


  而在国内的豆瓣上,《星战8》的评价为7.3分,显示好于70%的科幻片,好于72%的动作片,虽然这一成绩比起2015年的《星球大战7:原力觉醒》要好上一些,但却依旧不及系列Ep1至Ep6的受欢迎。On the domestic bean, the score of Star Wars 8 is 7.3 points, which is better than 70% science fiction movies, which is better than 72% action movies. Although this score is better than that of Star Wars 7: the awakening of force in 2015, it is still not as popular as the series Ep1 to Ep6.